Lamborghini Jalpa 1981 posters

Lamborghini Jalpa

In 2021, Lamborghini celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Jalpa, which was first presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1981. This grand touring sedan concept kept with Lamborghini’s tradition of taking its name from a breed of fighting bulls, the Jalpa Kandachia. The vehicle was the final evolution of the Urraco and Silhouette project, and was powered by a larger 3.5-liter engine than its predecessors, which drove 252 hp via 4 Weber 42 DCNF twin carburetors. The prototype Jalpa found at Geneva was designed by Frenchman Marc Deschamps of Carrozzeria Bertone, and had unique aesthetic features not carried over to the production car. It was finished with a metallic bronze coat and a Targa opening roof. Inside, the luxury interior was decked with leather and carpet. The production Jalpa, which first appeared in 1982, featured a steel body, black bumpers, engine air intakes,16 inch alloy wheels, and horizontal rear lamps, all of which enhanced its sporting style. The 1984 Geneva Motor Show bore witness to the release of the so-called “second series” Jalpa, which had some altered aesthetics, for example, the bumpers and air intakes were re-colored to match the bodywork, the rear lamps were rounded, and the interior was revamped. Following this a final 420 cars were sold by 1988 before its discontinuation, making it the last Lamborghini sedan to feature this particular engine displacement and positioning, as well as the direct predecessor of the 2003 Gallardo, one of Lamborghini’s most commercially successful models. Units produced

Lamborghini Jalpa: 1981-1987, 420

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