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Lamborghini Jarama 1973 posters

Lamborghini Jarama

In 1970, Nuccio Bertone's proposed the evolutionary version of the Islero, the Lamborghini Jarama. This car was designed with the 'gentleman driver' in mind, balancing power and elegance perfectly. Ferruccio Lamborghini liked the 365 horsepower and luxurious comfort, not wanting to draw a lot of attention compared to the Miura or Espada. In 1972, the Lamborghini Jarama S edition was released, featuring a 15 horsepower boost and a fully redesigned interior.
  • Year of manufacture: 1970 - 1976
  • Engine: V12 4-litre
  • Power: 350/365 HP
  • Max. speed: 260 km/h
  • Number of pieces: Jarama: 176 / Jarama S: 152

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