Lamborghini LM 1986 posters

Lamborghini LM

During the "Countach years", Lamborghini sensed that there might be a market for a high-performance off-road vehicle with luxurious finishes. The LM 002 was designed with the mechanics of the Countach engine in the 5.2-liter version, with power reduced by 20 hp to accommodate the less refined fuel. The four-wheel drive transmission was completed with a central differential and low gears, dissimilar to the usual off-road vehicles. With this, the LM 002 was able to reach a high speeds comparable to a sports sedan, and take on extreme terrain. It was well known for creating the precursor of the present-day Lamborghini URUS. LM 002 and its many curiositiesThe LM 002 was produced in variations, some with carburetor fueling and others with fuel injection, usually distinguishable by the "hump" on the hood. One of them included the 7.2-liter 700 hp V12 engine designed for off-shore boats, while another was adapted for endurance races in the desert. The vehicle was fondly called the "Rambo Lambo", owned by Sylvester Stallone, and even able to pull a tank or trailer with a Miura onboard. An Italian journalist summarised the driving experience saying, "At 200 km/h, the LM 002 doesn't slice through the air. It smacks it with pride".

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