Lamborghini Urraco 1972 posters

Lamborghini Urraco

The Lamborghini Urraco is a fast 2+2 coupé with a mid-mounted V8 rear engine and independent suspension, featuring MacPherson strut system on both front and rear - a first for a production car. Presented in 1970 with the 2.5-liter V8 delivering 220 hp at 7800 rpm and top speed of 245 km/h, it boasted two technological advancements: a single overhead camshaft per bank for the engine, and "Heron chamber" engine head with flat inner part and the combustion chamber contained in a depression in the top of the piston. Furthermore, this year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Urraco, making 2020 special for Lamborghini enthusiasts; Ferruccio Lamborghini had an express wish to expand the company's production and make a car accessible to a wider, more limited public, and with only 4.25 meters long, the Urraco was the answer to his wish, with highly innovative interior spaces in terms of layout, instrumentation and steering wheel. A total of 776 units were produced in the Urraco series. The P250 Urraco was produced from 1970 to 1976 (520 units), P200 Urraco from 1974 to 1977 (66 units) and P300 Urraco from 1975 to 1979 (190 units). The success of the Urraco has gone on to spearhead the subsequent 8-cylinder models and 10-cylinder models of Lamborghini, such as the Gallardo and the Huracán. Units produced
  • P250 Urraco: 1970-1976: 520
  • P200 Urraco: 1974-1977: 66
  • P300 Urraco: 1975-1979: 190

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