Lancia Beta HP Executive 1981 posters

Lancia Beta HP Executive

In 1969, Italian car manufacturer Lancia was taken over by Fiat, becoming the first new model to be introduced by the company: the Lancia Beta (Type 828). This compact executive car was produced from 1972 to 1984, with the range including a 4-door fastback saloon (Beta berlina), 4-door three-box saloon (Beta Trevi), 2-door coupé (Beta Coupé), 2-door targa (Beta Spider), 3-door estate (Beta HPE) and a mid-engined sports car, the Lancia Beta Montecarlo. Origins Soon after the Fiat takeover, Sergio Camuffo was brought in as Technical Director to develop the new model. Although several of Lancia's engineering staff had left in preceding years, Camuffo was able to assemble a core group of Lancia engineers into a tight-knit team — Romanini (chassis design), Zaccone Mina (engine development) and Gilio and Bencini (testing) — who managed to get the car into production by the end of 1972. This short development time coincided with limited funding, both of which influenced the decision to use an existing power plant — the Fiat twin overhead cam straight four engine — as well as other in-house Fiat components for the Beta. By creating a cost-effective car while retaining the brand's prized quality image, Fiat hoped to boost Lancia's output to 40,000 units a year — up from low volumes seen with the Lancia Fulvia. The Beta's drivetrain importantly placed the engine transversely and drove the front wheels, a method popularised by the Fiat group over the previous decade. Additionally, a transmission unit developed by Fiat-partner Citroën was adapted for the car. Thanks to these efforts, Lancia was able to increase production volumes above those seen in its previous saloon models.

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