Lancia Beta Spider 1974 posters

Lancia Beta Spider

The Lancia Beta was a car produced by Lancia, unveiled in 1972 after Fiat had taken over the company in 1969. The name Beta was chosen to represent a "new beginning" as it reflects Vincenzo Lancia's early vehicles, named after letters of the Greek alphabet, such as Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. Beta was also used for Lancia's 1908 car and for a 1953 bus model. Alpha was not the chosen name for the 1972 Lancia due to potential confusion that could arise with a rival car maker called Alfa Romeo. The Beta was available in many styles, the most popular being the four-door saloon or sedan. Later on, it was reworked with assistance from Pininfarina and became the Beta Trevi. Other body styles included two-door convertible (Spider or Zagato in America), two-door coupe, three-door shooting brake (HPE – High Performance Estate, or High Performance Executive), and two-door mid-engined sportscar (Lancia Monte Carlo). The Spider was designed by Pininfarina and built by Zagato.

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