Lancia Flavia 1967 posters

Lancia Flavia

The Lancia Flavia was developed by Professor Fessia in the late 1950s and released for sale in 1961. Initially it was just a four-door saloon and it featured a 1.5L aluminium boxer engine. This was followed by a two-door coupé designed by Pininfarina on a shortened platform, a two-door convertible crafted by Vignale, and an outlandish light weight two-door sport version designed by Zagato with twin carburetors for extra power (just over 100 hp/75 kW). The engine was later upgraded to a 1.8L, and a mechanical injection version using the Kugelfischer system, as well as a five-speed manual gearbox. When Fiat took charge of the company in the late sixties, the coupé, saloon and convertible versions received fresh bodywork and the engine increased to a 2.0L. These vehicles were now available with either carburetor or injection, and four or five-speed gearbox, and were renamed Lancia 2000 in 1971 or 1972. This model featured Girling disk brakes, stainless steel bumpers, and for the fuel injected models Bosch D-jetronic Analog-electrovalve fuel injection. They were produced until 1973 or 1974, though brand new models stayed in stock until 1975, and they were only made with Pininfarina Coupe and Lancia Saloon bodies. Build and ride quality of the Lancia Flavia was superb, and its durability is still excellent in light of its modest specs. Maintenance for these oldies is relatively simple though parts can be hard to come by and expensive to replace. Engines:
  • 1961-1966 1.5L (1488cc) Lancia H4
  • 1963-1966 1.8L (1800cc) Lancia H4
  • 1967-1974 2.0L (1991cc) Lancia H4

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