Lancia Thema 1988 posters

Lancia Thema

The Lancia Thema was an executive car that Italian automotive manufacturer Lancia produced from 1985 to 1994. This four-door was one of four vehicles to share the “Type Four” chassis, the others being Alfa Romeo 164, Fiat Croma and Saab 9000. The Thema was available as a sedan and station wagon developed by Pininfarina. At the time of its production, it was considered to be one of the roomiest and comfiest cars of its kind in Europe. The Thema marked Lancia's return to the category of high-end luxury vehicles after its failure in the 1970s when many of the company's Fiat models were made from low-grade Russian steel. Unlike the Fiat Croma, the Thema featured a galvanized steel chassis, as well as quality construction. Unfortunately, poor sales damaged the Thema's secondhand value, and it was discontinued in 1994 from all countries with right-hand drive systems, such as the United Kingdom. Fortunately, its successor, the Lancia Kappa, was able to keep the brand popular in the Italian market. Engines Powering various incarnations of the Thema was Aurelio Lampredi's series of Fiat engines, ranging from a 2.0-liter straight-4 to a 2.8-liter V6. This V6 was eventually replaced in 1992 with an Alfa Romeo 3.0-liter V6 highly regarded by many as exemplary. Thema 8.32 The pinnacle of the Thema's motorization was the 8.32 model, which incorporated a 3.0-liter Ferrari Dino V8. This engine was based on the Ferrari 308 qv and was assembled by Ducati with castings from Maranello. It produced 215 horsepower, reaching a maximum speed of 149 mph (240 km/h). This vehicle included a lavish wood and leather interior, luxurious equipment, and a hefty price tag of over £40,000 in the UK. Despite its features, only 9 made it to British markets, with a total of 3,537 being built between 1986 and 1991.

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