Lancia Thesis Promenade 2003 posters

Lancia Thesis Promenade

A car for the new élites

The higher segment of the car market is an exclusive and elite circle. Manufacturers invest their best technology and design skills into these luxury vehicles, which account for a small portion of the population every year in Europe. This market is traditionally stagnant and conservative, but recent changes in society have shifted the demand toward quality that provides not just technology, but warmth, craftsmanship, individuality, and emotion.

These developments are indicative of an overall movement for people to reclaim their quality of life – to find ways to be more connected with themselves and their environment. This aspiration for personal gratification is shared by the new managerial class.

Lancia stands out among other brands in understanding and catering to the needs of this demographic. Its combination of distinct Italian design and classic style, abundant yet concealed technology, and sophisticated amenities for comfort and convenience makes it well-suited to satisfy the expectations of those seeking luxury and sophistication.

The Lancia Thesis is Lancia's answer to the refined preferences of the modern customer. The car provides an unparalleled Italian touch of class and unique creative styling. State-of-the-art technology makes the driving experience smooth and pleasant, while an array of advanced features ensure the utmost passenger comfort a car can offer.

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