LCC Lightning GT Concept 2008 posters

LCC Lightning GT Concept

Today sees the unveiling of the evolutionary design of the LCC Lightning GT Concept, a luxurious British sports car with an outstanding presence and performance. Its 100% electric power and performance are set to put British sports car innovation back on the map. Designed to house advanced battery motor technology, the electric Lightning prototype is being hand-built by a small group of dedicated British engineers, designers, and collaborators. The Lightning Car Company firmly believes that its electric Lightning GT will jumpstart the market for performance EVs, which is necessary for car enthusiasts to prove that electric motoring is not a compromise. This view is echoed by General Motors, which sees peak oil and an eventual shift to electrical car technology as inevitable. The design team crafted the Lightning GT to have the spirit and drama of its progenitor, but with a more contemporary design language. It also features subtle creases and positive and negative sections, giving it strength and finesse. The car's interior was designed to match the unique electric driving experience.

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