Lexus LS 600h 2010 posters

Lexus LS 600h

The 2010 model year gives the Lexus LS 600h, the full hybrid Lexus flagship, a range of technological and styling upgrades which have been first showcased at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. Revamped seating, updated equipment, enhanced ECO driving mode and new brakes elevate the Lexus LS 600h and Lexus LS 600h L long-wheelbase concerning comfort and driving experience. Lexus Hybrid Drive system The Lexus Hybrid Drive system of the Lexus LS 600h has an all-new ECO mode which modifies the throttle action and air conditioning system performance to optimize fuel efficiency. The relation between throttle pedal input and system output is auto-edited to reduce reaction to aggressive acceleration, thereby improving fuel efficiency and smoother handling. Also, the engine load is decreased during acceleration, aiding fuel economy. When the external temperature is 20°C or more than that, the air conditioning system automatically switches its recirculation mode to decrease power consumption. Moreover, the blower airflow is decreased if "high" is selected and electrical heating system (PTcompact heater) operation is stopped, further reducing the power usage. Further, when the car is in idle, the system will not indicate for engine speed raise for extra power. The overall size of the battery of the full hybrid system has been reduced by repackaging of the battery into two units of six and 14 modules freeing more space in the boot.

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