Lotus Ice Vehicle Concept 2008 posters

Lotus Ice Vehicle Concept

Originally referred to as the Concept Ice Vehicle (CIV) and designed and engineered by Kieron Bradley, chassis designer for the Lotus Formula One team, this bio-fuelled, propeller-powered vehicle was developed for the Andrew Regan / Andrew Moon bid to cross the Antarctic in 2009. Professor Winston Wong subsequently became the sponsor of the Moon Regan Transantarctic Expedition 2010 and the CIV was re-engineered and renamed as the Winston Wong Bio-Inspired Ice Vehicle (BIV). Amongst the Expedition's primary objectives are to illustrate that motorised vehicles can operate with success and efficiency in the Antarctic, to accomplish a transantarctic crossing, and to furnish researchers at Imperial College London with useful data on vehicle emissions, the performance of biofuels and human performance under severe conditions. Unluckily, few ground vehicles have withstood such conditions to date; consequently, researchers widely use air travel that may be more damaging to the environment. Modifications and changes conducted on the BIV were overseen by the Expedition team and engineers at Imperial College London. Here are some of the BIV's specifications:
  • Suspension: all-round independent suspension to cope with rough terrain and sastrugi
  • Engine: R259 oilhead BMW motorcycle engine, running on E85 bio-ethanol
  • Dimensions: 4.5m long x 4.5m wide
  • Weight: 690 kg
  • Top speed: 84 mph

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