Maserati GranSport 2004 posters

Maserati GranSport

The newest member of the Maserati family is the Maserati GranSport, a new model created to center the spirit of sportiness in the Trident's Grand Tourers. Revealed to the world initially at Geneva's International Motor Show, the car will be available to purchase starting next summer. Taking its name from the 1950s two-litre coupe designed by the Carozzeria Frua on the base of the famous A6 G, the GranSport is intended to bring a thrilling new option to the current Coupé. AN AERODYNAMIC THOROUGHBRED The Maserati GranSport's sleek forms, born from extensive testing in the wind tunnel for improved Cx value and even load distribution (Cz) between the front and rear axles, have resulted in an incredibly low Cx of 0.33 - one of the best in its class. Its enhanced front-wheel drivability and precision make it easy to handle and guarantee a secure and exciting driving experience.

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