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Maserati Spyder 2005 posters

Maserati Spyder

From September, the Model Year 05 Coupe' and Spyder will be available from the dealers network with a few new changes. Both the front and rear bumpers are altered for a sportier feel, with the grille resembling that of the Quattroporte. Additionally, the badge from the Frua-designed 1963 model has been placed on the rear side panels for a sense of connection to the Maserati "family". The interior of the Year 05 model has received a few alterations as well, featuring contrast colored leathers and an updated graphical instrumentation with brighter blue and white colors for easier readability. Furthermore, the interior includes a redesigned console and door molding, as well as a larger storage compartment in the central tunnel and a new D for Drive option for inserting the reverse gear with first gear selection. Finally, the Coupe' and Spyder models come with seven-spoke rims as standard, while fifteen-spoke rims remain an optional extra. Additionally, a new extra metallic paint finish with the addition of "Rame Ghibli" adds to the charm of the vehicle.

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