Mazda Furai Concept 2008 posters

Mazda Furai Concept

The Mazda Furai is an inspirational car, highlighting the company's trademark 'Zoom-Zoom' philosophy - that of providing vehicles with an instance point of motion, which comes as a result of years of research and development. It was designed as a prototype to run solely on renewable fuels, such as 100 percent ethanol fuel - a pioneering, first-time approach for the three-rotor rotary engine. This research is ongoing with their partner BP, where they are investigating a number of renewable and potential future fuels, including ethanol petrol blends such as E10. The 'Zoom-Zoom' philosophy can be best seen in their past 'NAGARE' designs, for example, Mazda Nagare, Mazda Ryuga, Mazda Hakaze and Mazda Taiki. Ancient Japanese meaning for 'Nagare' is 'Flow', and this philosophy will be a presence in their upcoming models, where form is seen as one and follows function. This will be seen across both the exterior and interior designs, exuding spirit, dynamism and emotion.

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