McLaren M6GT 1969 posters

McLaren M6GT

The McLaren M6GT was a development from the M6A racing car, built by Bruce McLaren Motor Racing and their technical partner Trojan. The M6GT was a closed-cockpit sports car designed specifically for the 24 Hours of Le Mans and to be homologated for the FIA's Group 4 regulations; however, the plans were never completed, and few M6GTs were built. Two of the M6GTs were later converted into road cars, with one becoming Bruce McLaren's personal transport. Development of the car began early on in 1967 when Bruce McLaren gathered several designers and engineers for the project. They created a monocoque chassis and bodywork designed to generate downforce for the Can-Am circuits. McLaren's team also focused on engine development, creating a fuel injection system for their Chevrolet V8s and partnering with Goodyear for a testing and development program. After months of preparation and testing, the first McLaren M6A was completed during the spring of 1967 and raced in the season opener of the 1967 Can-Am series. The cars were then painted a new shade - McLaren Orange - that has since become associated with the McLaren team.

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