Mercedes-Benz 250C 1967 posters

Mercedes-Benz 250C

The Mercedes-Benz 250C was a part of the W114 model series, an upmarket executive mid-sized saloon manufactured between 1968 and 1976. It boasted advanced technological innovations, such as the world's first 5-cylinder diesel oil-burner engine, along with superior refinement and excellent handling - features still present in modern E-Class vehicles. The 250C was visually distinct to its saloon counterpart, having a 19-inch shorter passenger compartment, lower two-inch roof and a longer boot. Other distinct features included elegance rear window, chrome strips down the side of the roof and a pillar-less design with all roll-down windows. The 1969 model saw the introduction of the Bosch D-Jetronic fuel injection system, the first Mercedes-Benz production car to ever be equipped with this system. Although it was dropped 2 years later in favour of a mechanical system, the model had no shortage of standout features. Other features included a centre console, revised rear axle, inertia reel seat belts and a four-hole padded steering wheel - all contributing to making the 250C one of the most advanced vehicles of its era. The entire W114/W115 series, commonly referred to as 'Stroke-8's, were produced from 1968 through 1976. The W114 used straight-6 engines and were sold under the '230', '250', and '280' model names, while the W115 used straight-4 and straight-5 engines and were sold as '200', '220', '230', and '240' variants.

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