Mercedes-Benz 280 E 1976 posters

Mercedes-Benz 280 E

The popular and successful Mercedes-Benz W123 cars were produced from 1976 through 1986, surpassing their predecessor, the W114 "slash-8" models. Over 2.5 million cars of the W123 range were sold before 1985, when the newer W124 models replaced them. In 1982, the additional, smaller range of Mercedes-Benz W201 models was introduced. Naming The usual model naming system related to engine size, engine type, and chassis type, namely +D for Diesel, +E for Einspritzung (fuel injection), and +T for Transport and Tourism (estate/station wagon) and +C for Coupé. Specs The W123 was the first Mercedes model to have a factory-offered station wagon version (the T-model), instead of a wagon being converted after being made. Also noteworthy was the W123 300 TD turbodiesel, one of the first turbodiesel cars available on the European market, which was only offered with automatic transmission due to its power band. Long wheelbase models of the 250 and 240D included up to 7 seats, and were used mainly as taxi cabs. Innovations included with the W123 included ABS (not available on Diesel models), a retractable steering column, self-levelling suspension (station wagon only), a safety dashboard and airbag for the driver (after 1982/09). The 3-litre diesel engine was actually a 5-cylinder derivate of the 2.4 litre engine from the 240 D. Options included leather upholstery, wooden linings, 5-speed manual transmission (European market only), 4-speed automatic transmission, 4-speed manual transmission, rear-facing extra seats (station wagon only), Standheizung, airconditioning, automatic airconditioning, power windows (front and rear), headlamp wipers (European market only), Tempomat (cruise control), power steering (standard after 1982/08), seat heating and a CO converter (available from 1984). Power-assisted braking was available as standard on all W123 models. American version The American W123 differed from its European counterparts due to U.S. regulations, coming with much larger bumpers, sealed-beam headlights, and a difference in the location of the ID-tag.

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