Mercedes-Benz 300 S 1951 posters


Mercedes-Benz 300 S

is the company's most reputable and highest-status model from the 1950s. It is often referred to as the Adenauer after Konrad Adenauer who used six of these cars during his term as Chancellor. The Type 300 was a luxurious, powerful and expensive car that was available as a sedan or cabriolet with four doors that could seat up to six passengers and included a rear load-levelling system operated by an dashboard switch. It was fitted with luxurious gadgets, such as a radio, VHF mobile telephone and a dictation machine, and even a writing desk, sirens, curtains and a dividing partition. Special Innenlenker limousine models of the Type 300 were built with an extended wheelbase of 20 cm (7.9 in). In 1954, power brakes were introduced with the Type 300 b, with a larger rear window in the Type 300 c. a hardtop look was issued for the Type 300 d (W189), with 3,077 cars built until March 1962. The W188 Type 300 S was produced from 1952 and was marketed as the pinnacle of luxury cars. It was offered as a 2+2 coupe, cabriolet or roadster and had a similar build to the W186, with a 150 hp (112 kW ) engine generated at 5000 rpm from triple Solex carburettors. In 1955, Mercedes-Benz fitted the Type 300 Sc with their "low-pivot" independent suspension system and fuel injection. Chrome strips on either side of the hood identified this model.

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