Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2001 posters

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The 2000 Mercedes-Benz C-Class arrived with a more dynamic appearance compared to its predecessors. The sedan featured a selection of straight-four and V6 petrol engines, as well as straight-four and straight-five Diesels with common rail direct injection and variable geometry turbochargers. Standard six-speed manual gearboxes came with almost every variation, apart from the C 320 and C 270 CDI. Interestingly, the numbers did not match the engine displacement, particularly on the C 180 (2.0 L), C 240 (2.6 L) and C 200 CDI (2.2 L). In 2001, Mercedes introduced the T-Modell (station wagon) and Sportcoupé bodyworks. Still, the Sportcoupé struggled engaging younger buyers it was aimed at, due to its high price, limited interior space, and somewhat faulty handling in comparison to the sedan. The release was withdrawn from the US lineup in 2005, and it's unlikely the model will be brought back for the third generation C-Class. A new inline-four M271 engine with supercharging was also introduced, in power levels from natural gas or petrol up to 193 PS (142 kW/190 hp) in the C 230K Sportcoupé. Finally, 4MATIC four wheel drive options were available for the C 240 and C 320.

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