Mercedes-Benz CLK Cabriolet 2004 posters

Mercedes-Benz CLK Cabriolet

The Mercedes-Benz W209 cars have been produced since 2002 and sold under the CLK-Class model names. The W209 is based on the W203 C-Class and replaced the C208 after 2004, becoming the first car to carry the CLK moniker. It is offered in two body styles, a coupe and a cabriolet, and with three engines available, a V6 (CLK320 in '04, CLK350 thereafter), V8 (CLK500), and supercharged V8 (CLK55). The cabriolet (designated with an A, as in CLK500A) features a fully automatic retractable soft top covered by a metal tonneau that can be activated using the key fob. The CLK is aimed to fill the mid-luxury market position for coupes and convertibles and is Mercedes-Benz's only 4-seat cabriolet. This places it between the BMW 3 series coupe/cabriolet and the 6 series coupe/cabriolet in terms of market position, and its competitors are the Volvo C70 and the Lexus SC430. From a performance standpoint, the CLK is a highly capable vehicle. Its handling is incredibly precise even under extreme conditions, and its performance is on par with the fastest sports cars on the market. Performance is electronically limited to 135mph in the CLK350 and CLK500 models, and to 155mph in the CLK55 model. The Electronic Stability Control (ESP) and Antilock breaking system (ABS) both provide excellent control, allowing the car to maneuver through tight corners and stop in short periods of time. The ESP system also prevents wheels from spinning freely, making drifting (intentional high-power fishtailing) impossible without disabling the system using a factory test protocol.

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