MG TF LE500 2008 posters


The MG TF LE500 is the latest in the iconic sports car series, which has long held Britain's title for the best selling car. With an impressive range of new technical and cosmetic features and a sharp redesign, this new car has been re-engineered with the help of the company's research, design and development department in Leamington Spa. Along together with superior build quality, the LE500 comes with a new N series engine, an interior facelift, enhanced suspension and updated braking systems.

Exterior Styling

The grille and bumper of the LE500 have been reworked with a new look that complements the TF's existing blend of finesse and shape, while still upholding the trademark MG feel. The car is available in a range of six new colours, each with a body colour matched hard top. This hardtop is fitted with a glass rear window for improved winter comfort, as well as allowing a more flexible enjoyment of the soft top in the summer.

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