Morgan 70th Anniversary 2006 posters

Morgan 70th Anniversary

To celebrate 70 years of continuous production, the Morgan Motor Company has unveiled a special limited edition model to commemorate this milestone. Appropriately named the "70th Anniversary," only 142 cars will be built, with each car individually marked with the year it honours and finished in period style. The 70th Anniversary cars feature the signature Morgan four-wheeled experience with a strong galvanized steel chassis, coach-built bodywork of aluminium panels over an ash frame, fold flat windscreen, vintage dashboard, sheepskin bonnet strap, and drilled steel wheels with chrome hub caps. Meanwhile, to ensure the utmost modernity and safety, the cars have been licensed to meet all crash and emission standards, including being powered by the efficient 1.8-liter 125 bhp Ford Duractec engine. Charles Morgan, director and grandson of the company's founder remarked, "We are really proud to celebrate this anniversary. We have made nearly 10,000 4/4s over the years. The fact that we have kept the essence and character of the car, whilst keeping the functionality and safety totally current is a testament to the original design, and the skills and ingenuity of our engineers at the factory in Malvern." The 70th Anniversary cars are priced at £27,950 including VAT, and production runs from January to November 2006.

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