Noble M15 2006 posters

Noble M15

The Noble M15 builds on the success of its predecessor, the M12, adding luxuries such as Satellite Navigation, an improved ride, and 300 litres of luggage space. Founder Lee Noble commented, "The M12 is a great car, but it's very focused and I wanted to produce a supercar people could use every day. It was time for Noble to take a big step up in terms of refinement, practicality and style." The M15 features a 455bhp three-litre twin turbo engine providing 455lb/ft of torque in a car weighing just over 1200kg, allowing the car to go from 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds and from 0-100mph in 8 seconds - it hits a top speed of 185mph. It has also been tuned to accommodate rapid acceleration throughout the range rather than an easily achievable top speed of 200mph. The spaceframe chassis with integral rollcage is 57 per cent stiffer than the M12, providing supreme cornering while ensuring Noble's famous handling on the limit is even better than before. The M15 is offered at a price of £74,950, allowing it to compete against established supercar brands. Lee Noble said of it, “We know we’re taking on tough opposition, but I'm sure this car is going to take us forward in a big way.”

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