Noble M400 2004 posters

Noble M400

The Noble M12 has always been designed as a comfortable and fast road car with track day competence, resulting in the M400. This car takes full advantage of the capabilities that were already present in the M12, with 400bhp per tonne, a power to weight ratio not seen in other Noble models. It offers superb performance and dynamics for the driver, all at the price of £55,995. Not only is the M400 one of the fastest production cars of its type, but its chassis - which in the M12 form provides high-speed stability and low-speed ride comfort - has been refined to give the driver even more control. This however has not been accomplished at the expense of ride quality, the new highly sophisticated dampers mean that it is equally usable on the public road like any other M12. To handle the increased power, the M400 is equipped with a range of upgrades that have been tailored to its specifics. These include 425bhp and 390lb ft of torque, high-lift camshafts, forged pistons, larger turbochargers, bespoke engine map, oil cooler, improved engine cooling, larger baffled oil sump and a new gearshift mechanism.

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