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Opel Meriva Concept 2008 posters

Opel Meriva Concept

The Opel Meriva Concept, set to be revealed at the 78th International Motor Show in Geneva (March 6 - 16, 2008), showcases how the new Opel design language can be transformed to create an attractive and modern design creation for this segment. The Opel Meriva Concept brings flexibility to a whole new level with its inventive FlexDoors system, a set of rear-hinged rear doors that open towards the back of the car and leave the B-pillars for safety purposes. This technology allows the front and back doors to be opened untilized independently, something that other rear-hinged rear doors cannot do. This advancement enhances both convenience and safety by providing an easy entrance to the car and a range of safety benefits compared to tradition doors. This system is supplemented by the dynamic FlexSpace rear seating system that is featured on the production Meriva. The FlexDoors structure also elevates comfort and performance, since the highest part of the roof - behind the B-pillars - is the entryway of the occupants. This setup has allowed the designers to create a highly dynamic and unique figure, with the curved roof line descending to the C-pillars. The eye-catching "wave" in the window line behind the B-pillars prominently amplifies the excellent visibility around the car, particularly for kids in the backseat. The body also includes the formal "blade" bodyside form and a U-shaped windshield that stretching up and back above the rear passengers' heads. Furthermore, the sleek A-pillars and the windshield pulled far down contribute to the impressive all-around visibility for the passengers.

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