Opel Zafira CNG 2006 posters

Opel Zafira CNG

Opel has unveiled its newly enhanced Zafira 1.6 CNG at the International Automobile Exhibition (IAA) in Frankfurt. The Zafira CNG has been the best-selling natural gas passenger car in Germany since 2003, and the upgraded version preserves its Flex7 versatility and ample cargo space. Rüsselsheim. The four gas tanks are housed beneath the rear axle, so the Zafira CNG can still boast of its voluminous 645 liters of cargo space when in five-seat configuration, the greatest capacity among the seven-seat compact vans (which can expand to as much as 1820 liters with the right seating configuration). Unlike its predecessor, the Zafira CNG features the "monovalentplus" concept for maximum natural gas efficiency. Orders for the new model can be placed in mid-September, with sales commencing in spring 2006. Although 20,000 of the original Zafira CNG have already been produced, its success is far from over: "Every third natural gas passenger car in Germany is a Zafira. We are proud that we have made natural gas vehicles so popular," enthuses Hans H. Demant, Opel's Managing Director and Vice President, Engineering, GME. By backing it up with the successful ADAC crash test for the Zafira CNG to dispell doubts and fears about this type of automobile, the brand is pushing for even more success.

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