Peugeot 308 SW Prologue Concept 2007 posters

Peugeot 308 SW Prologue Concept

At the Frankfurt Motor Show, the 308 hatchback was previewed ahead of its commercial release. Accompanying the hatchback was the “T7” project in the form of the 308 SW Prologue concept car. The game-changing SW model first debuted with the 307 SW almost two decades ago, and has since become a staple in Peugeot's lineup. This concept embodies dynamism, practicality, versatility, and comfort all in one car. In comparison to many other vehicles, the SW stands out with its unprecedented levels of interior brightness from the panoramic glass roof, and the added bonus of plenty of seating options. Continuing on the footsteps of the hatchback, the 308 SW concept car differentiates itself with its modern take on style with flexible practicality for those needing more carrying capacity. Comfort inside the car reaches new heights thanks to the use of soft, natural colors and materials that are brightened by the combination of the glass roof and additional skylights. In the end, the 308 SW Prologue is the embodiment of driving pleasure.

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