Peugeot 408 2011 posters

Peugeot 408

The Peugeot Marque is taking further steps in conquering the world's foremost automobile market, especially the Chinese market. After only 5 years, they reached 410 000 sold vehicles in 2009 - the growth of 44% since 2008. The previous successes in the M1 segment, the 307 saloon and the 307 notch-back selling 3,522,800 units, have encouraged Peugeot to take the offensive with the new Peugeot 408 notch-back - tailored for the Chinese market - to expand their offer and performance in the M1 segment. This half-height architecture car is a joint effort of Peugeot's Styling teams in Europe and China. The goal of the 408 is to embody modernity, warrant the highest safety, and create an unrivalled interior space. Its name follows the Lion Marque's traditional naming logic. 4 implies medium-luxury family saloon size (4.68 m), 0 signifies belonging to the Peugeot Marque, and 8 expresses the vehicle generation. Produced at the Wuhan plant in China, the Dong Feng Peugeot 408 is the fruitful partnership between PSA Peugeot Citroën and DFM. Its sales target for 2010 is 100 000 units, a growth of 30% over the previous year, which is twice the expected pace of the market.

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