Pontiac Banshee 1989 posters

Pontiac Banshee

The Pontiac Banshee is a concept car designed by General Motors and unveiled in 1988. Known within GM as the "Banshee IV", it was the fourth in a series of concept cars beginning in 1966 meant to preview upcoming Firebird and Trans Am body styles. The two-door, four-seat Banshee IV featured a sleek, aerodynamic design, being brightly red with a matte black triangular hood. A 230 horsepower single overhead cam V8 engine powered the car, and it also had a HUD (heads-up display) system. The dashboard had video displays and numerous buttons, and the steering wheel had twenty of its own. The dual adjustable rear wings were a unique touch. The March 1989 issue of Motor Trend magazine gave a detailed three-page look at the Banshee IV. It was later seen in films like Knight Rider 2000, Back to the Future Part II, and Demolition Man, and even had a Revell 1/25th scale model released of it.

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