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Pontiac Grand Prix 1963 posters

Pontiac Grand Prix

Originally introduced in 1962, the Pontiac Grand Prix was based on the Catalina coupe, featuring minimal external chrome trim and interior sportier features such as bucket seats and a center console. Early models had full access to the Pontiac performance option list and utilized the factory-race Super Duty 421 powertrain, installed in a limited selection of 1962 and 1963 editions. The exterior design mirrored that of the other full-size Pontiacs of the era, which caused the Grand Prix to be seen as a lesser model compared to its luxury competitors - however, its performance image was notably stronger. The 1963 version received newly designed body panels and a squared-off roofline with a concave rear window, as well as hidden taillight lenses and distinct grillework on the front. Inside, it featured all-vinyl bucket seats divided by a center console, storage compartment, and optional tachometer or vacuum gauge. From 1965, a no-cost option bench seat with folding armrest was introduced. Engine-wise, the Grand Prix was equipped with the 303 HP 389 in3 V8 with four-barrel carburetor and dual exhausts up to 1964, and a 325 HP version of the same engine from 1965 to 1966. For those seeking more power, higher output four-barrel and Tri Power versions of the 389, as well as larger 421 in3 V8s with up to 376 HP, were available. In 1967, the 389 was replaced by a 400 in3 V8 rated at 350 HP as the base engine, and the larger 421 by a 428 in3 V8 with up to 390 HP. Transmission-wise, Grand Prixs were available with either a standard three-speed manual, an optional four-speed manual, or a Hydra-Matic transmission. A two-door hardtop was the sole bodystyle available on the Grand Prix up until 1967, when a convertible was added to the line-up for one year.

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