Pontiac Grand Prix GXP 2002 posters

Pontiac Grand Prix GXP

The Pontiac Grand Prix was first introduced in 1962 as part of the full-size model lineup for the Pontiac division of General Motors Corporation. It has also been used for personal luxury cars and mid-size offerings, below the Bonneville in the company's product range. As of mid-2006, the Grand Prix was the largest automotive offering from Pontiac in production, replacing the Bonneville. In 1997, the Grand Prix underwent a major redesign and was promoted for its "wide-track" design. It was available in three trim levels: SE, GT, and GTP. GTP models featured a supercharger for additional power. Production of the Grand Prix was moved to the Fairfax plant in Kansas City, Kansas until 2003, when it was transferred to Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. The last coupe rolled off the assembly line in July 2002, eventually being replaced by the Pontiac GTO for 2004.


For 2004, the Grand Prix was updated with revised GM W platform. In 2005, the GXP trim level replaced the Bonneville as the high-end offering. This level featured the LS4 V8 engine, the first V8 in the Grand Prix since 1987 and featured TAPshift technology inspired by Formula One. In 2006, the Grand Prix coupe was available in three models: Grand Prix, GT, and GXP. The Grand Prix and GT were powered by the 3800 Series III V6 and the GXP had the 5.3 litre LS4 V8. The 2007 model year is rumored to be the last for the Grand Prix with a replacement car on the rise for 2009.

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