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Porsche 901 1963 posters

Porsche 901

A true icon was born when Porsche presented the 901 at the International Motor Show in Germany (IAA) in Frankfurt in 1963. The successor to the 356, this powerful six-cylinder, air-cooled sports car was quick to make a name for itself. However, after a dispute over naming rights with Peugeot, the 901 became the 911 in 1964. This remarkable car quickly proved itself with its outstanding performance and opened up a new chapter in Porsche's global success. The innovative 911 family kept growing, and in 1965, Porsche presented the 911 Targa as the first-ever “safety cabriolet" complete with a roll-over bar and removable roof section. This was followed shortly afterwards by a panorama rear window with heatable glass. The Targa was named after the iconic Targa Florio endurance race in Sicily, which Porsche had won four times. The ‘60s also saw the birth of the Fuch wheel, a single-piece forged design which was lighter and more technologically advanced. In 1967, the 911 range was augmented by the 110 PS 911 T and the petrol injected 911 E. Two years later, the wheelbase was increased by 57 mm to 2,268 mm for improved ride quality. 1969 marked the end of the 2.0-litre era as bore size was increased 4 mm to create a 2.2-litre engine. The 911 Carrera RS 2.7 was the highlight of the first 911 generation. Weighing little more than 1,000 kg, this powerhouse produced 210 PS and boasted a top speed of over 245 km/h. A monumental 1,525 cars were assembled in Zuffenhausen - which means that in total, 111,995 original 911s were built between 1963 and 1973.

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