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Qoros Auto Co., Ltd. is a Chinese carmaker, located in Shanghai. It deals with the design and production of passenger cars. The logo of the company is a modified and framed “Q” letter in grey silver color. According to the company’s management, the logo symbolizes their positive attitude, creative spirit and strength. more

Qoros was established in 2007 as Chery Quantum Automotive Corporation (CQAC) by Chery and Israel Corporation. In 2009, CQAC started to cooperate with Magna Steyr. In 2011, its name changed to Qoros Auto Co and the first prototype was built. In 2013, Qoros 3 sedan, the first car of the brand, was presented at the Geneva Motor Show. Qoros 3 became the first Chinese car, which got a five-star rating in the Euro NCAP crash tests. In 2014, a hatchback variant of the car was released.

In 2015, Israel Corporation sold its stake to Kenon Holdings. The same year, Qoros 2, plug in hybrid concept SUV, was introduced to the public.

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