Renault 10 Automatic 1966 posters

Renault 10 Automatic

In September 1965, the Renault 10 Major (also known as the Renault 1100) marked the replacement of the Renault 8 Major. This longer model had a bigger front overhang and extended front luggage compartment, its capacity of 315 litres contrasting with the previous 8's 240 litres. However, the internal passenger cabin remained the same size. Power was provided by the Caravelle's 1,108 cc engine, which some markets had already seen in higher-end Renault 8 models. In France, the Renault 10 had a hard time competing with the popular Peugeot 204 that was launched the same year. Early Renault 10s had round headlights, but two years after its introduction, a face-lift brought square headlights to distinguish it from the Renault 8. Additionally, weaker versions of the Renault 8 were still manufactured at the Flins plant, featuring the same shorter body. In October 1970, the Renault 10-1300 model was rolled out with the 1289 cc engine from the new Renault 12. This motor was actually tuned down for the older car, giving it a lower compression ratio and maximum output of 52 PS (38 kW; 51 hp ) SAE (48 PS (35 kW; 47 hp) DIN) compared to the Renault 12's 60 PS (44 kW; 59 hp) SAE (54 PS (40 kW; 53 hp) DIN). It was an unusual situation for Renault to market two similar cars within the same class. However, the older, rear-engined design had an advantage given its lower price of 1,000 francs and maximum speed of 135 km/h (84 mph), as opposed to the Renault 12's 145 km/h (90 mph). An 1108cc version of the engine, coupled with the Jaeger "button operated" semi-automatic transmission, was offered for 1970. By summer 1971, production of the Renault 10 had ended and it had been selling concurrently with the very successful Renault 12.

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