Renault 11 TSE Electronic 1983 posters

Renault 11 TSE Electronic

The Renault 11 TSE Electronic was a hatchback variant of the Renault 9 and 11, produced by the French automaker Renault for model years 1981-1988. Both Renault 9 and 11 were designed by the renowned French automobile designer, Robert Opron. The models featured a transverse front-wheel drive engine configuration and four-wheel independent suspension, and they were chosen as European Car of the Year for 1982 and Motor Trend Car of the Year from Motor Trend and Car and Driver 10Best from Car and Driver (C/D) for 1983. American Motors Corporation (AMC) also manufactured the Renault Alliance and Encore for North American and Colombian markets, respectively, from 1983-1999, and the car continued to be produced in Turkey until 2000. The Renault 9/11 went under three facelifts during its run. The Renault 11 was released in 1983 only in phases 2, 3, and 4. There was no phase 1 Renault 11 released, which leads to some confusion. The Phase 1 was the original model released in 1981 as the Renault 9, Phase 2 with the Renault 11 being introduced in 1983, and the more aerodynamic Phase 3 appeared in 1987. The Phase 4, never sold in much of Europe, was released in Turkey in 1997, featuring more rounded head and tail lights, ovoid body cladding around the bumpers and boot lid, as well as "Broadway" badges. Notably, "Broadway" had already been used on special editions of the earlier phase models.

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