Renault 12 TL Wagon 1975 posters

Renault 12 TL Wagon

The Renault 12 was a large family car produced by the French manufacturer Renault between 1968 and 1980. It was acclaimed in Europe for its spacious, comfortable interior, stylish design, and good performance and fuel economy. However, the North American press viewed it less favorably, noting its engine noise, heavy steering, and poor ventilation system. This car bridged the gap between the Renault 8 and Renault 16 and was produced by Renault and its affiliates around the world until the beginning of the 21st century. The Renault 12 was derived from the initial plans for the Renault 16; the similarities between the two cars being evident. It was technically distinct, featuring the iron-cast Cléon engine, placed ahead of the front wheels, as well as different suspension and gearbox components. The project that spawned the Renault 12 began in 1965, with the goal of making a car that was efficient, reliable, roomy, easy to manufacture, and comfortable. The resulting car met these criteria, making it popular worldwide.

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