Renault 17 TS 1977 posters

Renault 17 TS

The Renault 15 and Renault 17 were two variations of the same car designed and built by French manufacturer Renault between 1971 and 1980. The R15 had two rectangular headlights while the 17 featured four round headlights, otherwise they were effectively coupé versions of the Renault 12. They were presented at the Paris Motor Show in October 1971. The chassis and running gear were from the Renault 12 while the 1565cc 108bhp engine in the R17 TS and R17 Gordini models came from the Renault 16 TS. Their body however was completely new. Due to superstitions, the R17 was sold as R177 in Italy. The timeline for the Renault 15 and 17 can be summarised as follows:
  • October 1971: Introduction of the R15 TL with a 1289cc engine from the Renault 12 and the R15 TS, R17 TL and R17 TS with a 1565cc from the Renault 16 TS. The R15 TL/R17 TL had a 4-speed gearbox whereas the others had a 5-speed.
  • 1973: Fabric sunroof available on R17 TL and TS.
  • 1974: R17 TS engine upgraded to 1605cc.
  • 1975: R17 TS renamed R17 Gordini.
  • March 1976: R15/17 ranges updated with R15 TL/GTL and R17 TS/Gordini using a 1647cc engine from the Renault 16 TX.
  • 1979: R15/17 production ends.

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