Renault 19 Convertible 16S 1991 posters

Renault 19 Convertible 16S

The Renault 19 was released in June 1988, with availability to the French domestic market beginning in September of the same year. Serving as the replacement for the aging 9 and 11 models, the 19 was designed by renowned Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro and featured Renault's latest E-type (or "Energy") 1.4L engine and F-type 1.7L versions. Base options were the OHV Cléon 1.2L and 1.4L for select markets. Initially, the only fuel option available was atmospheric diesel, but a turbocharged version was added early in 1992. The 19 was the last numeric-named car in Renault's line-up, ushering in their new naming policy. The saloon was called the 19 Chamade to differentiate it from the hatchbacks. It debuted as a 1990 model for the LHD versions, while for the 1991 model the incredibly rare Karmann-built convertible body style was added. While the exterior design (which was relatively conservative, much like the Renault 9/11) was met with a relatively muted response, the interior comfort and handling were praised. For the fuel injected top versions, a four-speed automatic transmission became available in the fall of 1990, while lesser versions continued to be equipped with four or five-speed manuals or a three-speed automatic. The convertible was only available with the two most powerful engine options. In the summer of 1992, the 19 received a substantially revamped design with a redesigned front and rear. In LHD markets, the dashboard and interior were changed, while RHD markets retained the original design. With the facelift, smaller "Energy"-series units gradually replaced the older pushrod pieces, and 1.8L engines appeared at the top of the lineup, replacing the more powerful 1.7 versions (the F3N).

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