Renault 6 L 1976 posters

Renault 6 L

The Renault 6 was an upscale subcompact car released by the French carmaker, Renault, from 1968 to 1980. Debuting at the 1968 Paris Motor Show, the R6 was an attempt by Renault to rival Citroën Ami 6 and the newly-launched Citroën Dyane. It featured a similar platform to the Renault 4, but its hatchback design was more modernistic, and bore close resemblance to the Renault 16. At the time of its release, the Renault 6 was criticised for its 845cc engine, which was inadequate compared to the heavier R6. However, this issue was remedied with the release of a 1.1 litre Cléon engine that was also used in the Renault 8 since 1962. This update was accompanied by increased equipment levels, a new gearbox, a revised cooling system, and front disc brakes. To meet Spanish tax regulations, the R6 was given a 956 cc engine for sales in Spain. In 1974, the R6 underwent a transformation with the addition of rectangular headlights, new rear lights, a black plastic grille, and new bumpers. The front indicator lights were relocated from between the bumper and headlights to the bumper itself. The Renault 6 ceased production and sales in most of Europe in 1980, while it was still being manufactured and sold in Spain and Argentina until 1986.

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