Renault Kangoo 2008 posters

Renault Kangoo

The Renault Kangoo was a revolution when it was launched in 1997, introducing the leisure utility vehicle for the first time. It has since seen over 2,200,000 units sold worldwide. The New Kangoo offers an optimised blend of quality, comfort, and practicality with a resolutely contemporary style. At 4,213mm in length, its design includes a chunky front end, a steeply-raked MPV-style windscreen, and large doors. Some versions are equipped with pop-open windows and some with electric ones. The focus on passenger comfort has been upgraded in the new Kangoo, with the extra 180mm providing more room for the five occupants. There is also an ergonomic design on the dashboard similar to an MPV, and high quality materials in the cabin. With an automatic climate control system included on some versions, the acoustic and thermal comfort of the New Kangoo reaches an MPV level. Air is evenly distributed around the cabin thanks to outlets at each passenger's feet. New Kangoo emphasizes well-being and ride comfort.

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