Renault Kangoo ZE Concept 2009 posters

Renault Kangoo ZE Concept

The Renault Kangoo ZE Concept is a nimble and manoeuvrable vehicle, with dimensions of 3.95m long and 1.85m tall. It also has high torque (226Nm) to ensure responsive acceleration in built-up areas. This zero-emission car promises to be the perfect vehicle for urban-based transporter and delivery companies, while providing similar qualities to those of the classic Renault Kangoo with regards to comfort, space and safety. Its hatch-type rear door and wide, folding sill make it easy to slide parcels and other types of loads into the boot. Designed to optimize energy consumption, the vehicle’s heat-reflective paint and large, insulated bodywork work similar to a Thermos flask, reducing temperature fluctuations and limiting the need for climate control and heating systems. Special treatment of the glazed surfaces adds to this thermal efficiency.

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