Renault Laguna GT 2009 posters

Renault Laguna GT

Renault Laguna GT is the perfect blend of style and performance. Featuring the innovative Active Drive chassis with four-wheel steering (4WS) and two powerful engines - the diesel 2.0 dCi 180hp and the petrol 2.0 turbo 205hp - it offers real and perceived quality, superb driving pleasure and safety. The Active Drive chassis ensures great manoeuvrability, superior dynamic response and unparalleled steering accuracy, offering you confident control over the cornering line and an effortless drive in town and on winding roads. You can benefit from enhanced active safety too, in challenging braking conditions and while making avoidances at speed. With its sleek looks and captivating character, Renault Laguna GT features a long, steep bonnet, a purposeful grille and headlamps with black masks. You'll find specially fitted 225/45 18-inch Bridgestone Potenza tyres, and 320mm diameter front discs and 300mm rear discs for reliable braking power. And, all of this comes at an affordable price and a three-year (or 150,000km) warranty.

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