Renault Megane Coupe GT Line 2011 posters

Renault Megane Coupe GT Line

New Renault Mégane GT Line and GT versions showcase a sporty style both inside and out. The Malta Blue body colour (exclusive to these variants) and the Dark Metal (anthracite grey) or polished carbon finish elements make them stand out. At the front, you can spot the specific GT/GT Line bumper with a reshaped central air intake and a gloss black centre, hosting the registration plate. The foglamps are kept in the profiled, Dark Metal- coloured recesses on either side of the bumper, while black headlamp backgrounds complete the striking personality of the Coupé-Cabriolet GT and GT Line. The rear bumper features an aerodynamic diffuser in the body colour lower section. Additionally, the windscreen frame and cabin surround get the Dark Metal (instead of satin-finish chrome) treatment. On the technical side, the new variants inherit the 'Sport' chassis of Mégane Coupé – while the ride height has been lowered by 12mm. As for the Cabriolet versions, they have the same ride height as the standard model, becoming the perfect match between comfort and sporty look. Inside, GT Line and GT versions share several sporty features with Renault Mégane RS: front seats with extra lateral support, aluminium-faced pedal set, and dashboard with an analogue rev-counter.

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