Renault Sandero 2008 posters

Renault Sandero

Renault Sandero marks a new stage in the global expansion of the Renault group and its models like Logan will be spread out all around the world. In 2008, its Dacia version will be produced at the Pitesti plant in Romania for Europe and the Maghreb, and in 2009 the car will be available for purchase in South Africa, as well as other countries which are currently being evaluated. A spacious and sturdy model with charismatic design, the Renault Sandero will provide comforts and exterior dimensions comparable to those of the top-end of the compact range, but the price will be that of a sub-compact. To meet the expectations of people living in cities, the design phase included technicians from Renault Technologies Americas (RTA) from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, and Chile. This team, with the help of regional suppliers, mostly from Brazil and Argentina, was responsible for ensuring the high quality, quick completion, and reasonable costs of the car. This regional supplier network also enabled to obtain an interesting local sourcing rate of 88%. Thanks to production centers located near the assembly site, the movement of parts is minimized, also reducing logistics costs, currency effects, and customs duties.

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