Rinspeed Dodge Viper Veleno Concept 1993 posters

Rinspeed Dodge Viper Veleno Concept

The Rinspeed Dodge Viper Veleno Concept is a dream car of the nineties, customized with unique components. The bold, viper-green color of the car stands out from the rest and enhances its aggressive lines. The front with its altered front skirt, the rear view mirrors on the windshield frame, the futuristically styled rear roll protection with the integrated rear lights and the modified rear end all add to the desirability of this vehicle. The one-piece wheels were exchanged for three-piece O.Z. wheels with Pirelli P Zero tires of different dimensions for front and rear, improving handling and traction capabilities. The interior is covered with a high-quality artificial material "Vinerus" which adds an elegant and useful touch. The instrument panel and center console are painted in the car's color to give it a high-tech look. A revolutionary, integrated CD-changer by Alpine is controlled without distortion from driving by a touch of a button from the steering wheel. The cellular phone from Nokia Mobiles phone, the model 121, is the lightest mobile unit in the world. The eight-liter engine is improved by electronically controlled nitro-(NO2)-oxide-injection. This boosts the power output from 400 to 550 hp and the torque to an incredible 820 Nm. The exhaust gases are routed through two catalytic converters to the side of the car.

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