Rinspeed X-Trem Concept 1999 posters

Rinspeed X-Trem Concept

Frank M. Rinderknecht, founder and owner of Rinspeed Inc., noted that pick-up vehicles—particularly in the U.S.—are often used to pull a trailer with objects for sporting activities or work. However, the pick-up bed remains empty most of the time. In order to tackle this issue, Frank and Rinspeed Inc. developed the "X-Tra-Lift" device to accommodate all aspects of life. This universal lifting system is powered electrically or hydraulically to quickly and safely load goods and platforms from the ground to the bed. The X-Tra-Lift has been designed to easily transform any new or used pick-up truck from a sport vehicle to a leisure vehicle and to a commercial vehicle. In Frank's words, the invention "enhances and enlarges the use of the pick-up truck". It can be loaded swiftly, easily, and without effort, making it suitable for every aspect of life.

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