Rover 75 Coupe Concept 2004 posters

Rover 75 Coupe Concept

The company's design team wanted to celebrate the first 100 years of the Rover marque with a beautiful and modern design, in continuation of their renowned models such as the P4, the luxurious P5 coupe, the innovative P6 2000 model and the bold SD1 hatchback. Concepts such as the Rover 75 Coupe were the embodiment of this aim, a two-door expression of the stylish 75 Saloon. The focus within the concept's interior was on Yew wood and Tan leather hide, incorporating the style of designer furniture to transition it into an automotive lounge environment, reaffirming Rover's signature emphasis on comfort and refinement. Peter Stevens, Rover's design director, said: "I want people to enjoy the timeless lines of the Rover 75 Coupe Concept. Its true character comes from its welcoming environment featuring comfort and refinement, which should be reflected in the exterior form and detailing of the car." He went on to mention the power of heritage, “Heritage is a great strength for a marque as it provides you the terms of reference and something to build on for the future, and that is how we approached presenting a Rover concept in its centenary year."

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