Saab 9-5 Estate BioPower 2006 posters

Saab 9-5 Estate BioPower

The Saab 9-5 Estate BioPower is an executive car that was launched by the Swedish automobile maker Saab in 1997 as the replacement for the Saab 9000. When it was first released in the United States for the 1999 model year, the 9-5 represented a major upgrade for Saab.


The first-generation 9-5 came with Saab's B205 and B235 straight-4 engines. Europe got an Opel Ecotec X22DTH 2.2 diesel engine (Saab D223L) from 2002 onwards, which was replaced in 2006 by Fiat's 1.9 JTD 16V diesel straight-4. Also available was a turbocharged version of the GM 54° (designated by Saab as B308), which featured an asymmetrical low-pressure turbocharger from 1999 to 2003. This engine was only available with an automatic transmission. V6 engines were only available on the Arc, SE, and Griffin models. In 2004, Saab replaced the V6 with a high pressure turbo straight-4 engine that produced 220 hp (160 kW). By 2006, this engine was producing 260 hp (190 kW) in the non-Aero and non-sport models (US models).

The B205 and B235-based 9-5s have had a high rate of engine failures due to engine oil sludge. This mainly affected the 1999-2003 models. Saab improved the engine's positive crankcase ventilation system for the 2004 and subsequent model years, and recommended the use of full synthetic oil, virtually eliminating the problem. Additionally, SAAB created update kits that can be retrofitted to 1999-2003 cars since they cannot be easily modified to accept the 2004 and later system. Responding to the 9-5 owners' mounting complaints, GM offered an eight-year warranty on the engine in 4-cylinder models for original owners, provided they were able to show that they followed the manufacturer's oil change intervals. Saab also recommends the use of full synthetic or synthetic blend oil as a preventative measure.

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