Saab 99 1968 posters

Saab 99

On April 2, 1965, Gudmund's day in Sweden, the Saab board initiated 'Project Gudmund' to create a new and larger vehicle to replace the Saab 96. This car, designed by Sixten Sason, was unveiled in Stockholm on November 22, 1967; it was called the Saab 99. The first prototypes of this model were made by cutting a Saab 96 in half and increasing the width by 20 cm, leading to the so-called 'Paddan' (Toad). As a mask, the initial 99 body shells were labeled as 'daihatsu'. For the engine, Saab opted to use a four-stroke four-cylinder unit tilted at 45 degrees, producing 87 hp DIN (64 kW) at 5500 rpm. This motor was watercooled, and was partnered by an electric cooling fan. There were also several later engine developments during the production run of the 99. The hood featured a forward-hinged system and extended over the front wheel arches, while the wraparound windshield was deeper than that of cars of its time.

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